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"Our sleds feature Diamond Link Suspension designed originally for our Ambulance Sled , it's a state of the art independent suspension allowing up to 7 inches of travel. The Series 2000 sleds are sure to compliment your out-door activities. A few samples would be: Rescue Personnel can utilize our Ambulance Sled to bring injured people quickly and safely to medical attention, film crews and resort owners can benefit from the smooth ride and payload capacity of our Freighter Sleds.  For the person or group that has special towing needs we also have the Tote Sled (running gear with 34" x 44" square frame) which can be customized for your towing needs."   Our MoonwalkerTM sled features a unique walking suspension built for large towing capacity over snow or a wheeled trailer for your ATV or UTV.  Our sleds and trailers are built to be durable long lasting products. As we begin our 18th year of production nearly all of the earliest sleds built are still in service today.

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