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Winter activities such as snowmobiling, skiing, snowboarding and others have become more and more popular over the past few years. The increase in these activities has increased the risk of accidents and injuries. In many cases, someone who is injured while doing winter activities will need a way to be transported to a road or ambulance.

The Orion Trailers & Sleds LLC Model 2400 Ambul
ance Sled was designed exclusively for the purpose of transporting victims from the location of their accident to safety in a smooth, comfortable and safe manner.
The dependable Model 240O Ambulance Sled features Orion's exclusive Diamond Link™ Suspension. This suspension has a soft cushioned ride to minimize stress and pain for the injured person. The 24OO Ambulance Sled is not a box on skis or wheels
. The versatile sled can haul emergency equipment to the injured victim, and safely transport them in a comfortable, covered bed. The front skis are linked to the tongue and steer with the pulling vehicle which reduces sharp side-jolts.
Don't take a chance with equipment that is not top quality. The Model 24OO Ambulance Sled is constructed of a strong lightweight aluminum unibody frame. The
bed remains stiff and less likely to twist. This way the victim has less of a chance of further injury due to a weak frame.  This sled is built for comfort, safety and durability.

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