ORION Trailers & Sleds llc



Model 245O Painted or 2440 Unpainted
Standard Duty


Capacity 700 Ibs.

Our Freighter Sled Models feature our exclusive Diamond Link™ Suspension.

The 2440 & 2450 series sleds are our top of the line cargo sleds. They are built for hauling expensive equipment that shouldn’t be damaged. Most of these sleds in use today are transporting: camera gear, survey equipment, and even equipment used for scientific research. The 2440 & 2450 series sleds are really the same as our rescue sleds except that D-rings & J-hooks are standard equipment.


The suspension on our 20OO series sleds compliment today's powerful snowmobiles. Reliability, maneuverability, good handling and stability are gained, while jerky riding, broken hitches and lost cargo is virtually eliminated.


Exclusive Diamond Link™ Suspension
4-ski independent suspension
Plastic Skis
86" long x 29" wide x 10" deep chassis
10'-5" overall length
Rust-free aluminum chassis

D-rings & J-hooks

Hydraulic Shocks
37" ski stance
Load Capacity - 700 Ibs.
Weight - 195 Ibs.



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