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2402 Painted

2412 Unpainted

The Model 24O2 Rescue Trailer is designed for low or no snow areas. It has the same features as our Model 24OO Ambulance Sled, but has wheels instead of skis.

With the 2402 Rescue Trailer, rescue squads and fire departments are finding that they can help more people and effectively fight fires in more remote areas. The exclusive Diamond Link™ Suspension tackles rough terrain better and faster. This trailer can be pulled behind an ATV and will actually ride smoother than the tow vehicle itself. That means personnel can get to fires or victims much faster.

The shocks are incorporated into the tongue to provide vertical suspension for the chassis independent of the ATV when installing the wheel kit.

There is no other wheeled utility trailer with as much versatile use than the Model 2402!


Exclusive Diamond Link™ Suspension
86" long x 29" wide x 10" deep chassis
11'2" overall length
Rust-free aluminum chassis

Hydraulic Shocks
Load Capacity - 600-700 Ibs.
Weight - 195 Ibs.

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